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  Featured Article: Train Ride To Tecate

Photos and story by Rolf Metzger

Back on July 27, 2002, the staff of was invited to join a train ride tour from Tijuana to the mountain village of Tecate, famous for its brewery of the same name. We gladly accepted the invitation, and packed out cameras for the event.

So join us on a pictorial and rare train ride across the border, through Tijuana, up the hills and into Tecate.

Engine No. 100 The big star of this event was Engine No. 100, a beautifully refurbished diesel locomotive from the San Diego Railroad Museum, normally housed in the town of Campo, further out east in the San Diego country side.
All aboard! With the whistle blowing we prepare to board the train. The cars themselves are all historic, having been fixed up and made somewhat new again.
Watch your step "All aboard, sonny ... and watch your step." The entire crew was dressed up in authentic outfits from the past.

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