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  BAJA CALIFORNIA Traveler's Assistance

The following information is provided State Government of Baja California who wants to make sure visitors travel safe and smart.

Important Tourist Information

While you visit Baja California you can get tourist assistance 24 hours a day, by dailing 066 from any convenience, public or cellular phone.

Remember that Mexican laws are of general observance and they applied equally to local residents as well as visitors who find themselves in Mexican territory. The legal age in Mexico is 18 years old. Always remember to carry with you a valid phone ID.

If you plan on staying in Baja California for more than 72 hours you must obtain a Mexican Tourist Card paying a Non Immigrant Fee of $295 Pesos (about $25 USD). You can get this card at any Mexican Immigration Office around the Internation Border or at the airports. It's good for up to 6 months, allowing for multiple entries and departures by land.

The possession, use or transportation of firearms or narcotics in Mexico is considered a felony and it carries a stiff penalty. No guns or bullets in Mexico!

Along certain Mexican roads and highways you will find miliary checkpoints where you may be subjected to a routine search. Please cooperate, be patient and before you know it you'll be back on your way.

Carry only the cash you are going to need and in small denominations. When using ATMs make sure that no one is looking to surprise you and never give your card or secret access number to anyone. ATMs in Mexico provide only Mexican currency (pesos).

If you need to make a phone call use a safe telephone such as a Ladatel or public telephone from Telnor, before you make a call know how much the call is going to cost per minute, by dailing without inserting coins or a Ladatel prepaid phone card, and look at the display. You can also call collect, dailing 090, a Telnor operator will attend you in English. Please beware of telephones that offer you FREE CALLS by dailing an 800 number [they are often very expense].

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