Spanish Immersion Programs in Ensenada

The Spanish immersion program featured in this gracious Pacific coast city of Ensenada is recognized as one of the best Spanish language schools in Mexico and Latin America.

The strength of the program is firmly rooted in the depth of the curriculum. It was designed specifically to help students identify and eliminate barriers to speaking Spanish.

We realize that in large classes of 15-30, most students are not comfortable attempting to speak a foreign language in front of their classmates. They typically become frustrated and study behind a barrier that prevents them from speaking freely. We also know that memorizing vocabulary lists for chapter tests does not encourage Spanish speaking. There are no textbooks nor are there exams at the Baja California Language College. We know that creating a relaxed and comfortable environment is critical to Spanish language acquisition. We don't grade our students. Each student is well aware of their progress and the effort they are putting forth. Our students grade themselves in their ability to comfortably communicate in Spanish.

Students from around the world arrive in Ensenada determined and motivated to acquire the Spanish language. At the College they are keenly aware of passion and commitment of the instructors not only as teachers, but as mentors. Both the instructors and the students alike bring a wide range of real-world and international experience to each class. Personal attention is made possible by the 5:1 student/ teacher ratio in the Small Group Immersion Program. (SGIP) Industry specific terminology is incorporated into a one-on-one teaching environment in thePrivate Immersion Program. (PIP) The Executive Immersion Program (EIP) is one of the most comprehensive programs offered anywhere. It is designed for those needing the fast track to Spanish language acquisition.

It is easy to get to Ensenada from anywhere in the world. The international airport in San Diego, CA is just 1.5 hours north of the College. The campus is located in within a short walking distance to numerous caf�s, restaurants, shops, markets, cantinas and clubs. Most of our homestay families are also within walking distance from campus. The main Ensenada bus terminal is just 2 blocks from campus. For those students with their personal cars, secure parking is available both at the College and at the homestay.

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