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ca-west-image CA West - Growers and Producers of Red and White Hominy the basis of many traditional Mexican dishes

Pictures are worth a thousand words in this case with our latest Red Hominy corn harvest. We are very excited because this is our largest production to date and is a sign of our success and growth over the years. Our customers love the results of our processes, our specially developed corn continues to amaze them with it's color and flavor.

CA West was created for and specializes in supporting Hispanic customers. Our founder Sal Lopez, Director of Field Operations, grew up working in agriculture. His father came to the US in the bracero program. CA West, because of it's background, is proud to serve the Hispanic community and the public at large.

CA West has identified a version of Red Hominy corn as the keystone of its product line. Our focus on this product will allow customers to experience our guarantee and we will be able to build on this product with the launch of additional specialty products. The Red Hominy can be found in various traditional dishes developed originally in the Guanajuato state of Mexico like Pozole and Menudo.

In the past, inconsistent practices in production have caused many traditional recipes to change and replace the Red Hominy with a less expensive and more accessible white corn. CA West has developed methods to deliver this product to the consumer affordably while not compromising the robust color and taste of this traditional ingredient. We aim to deliver this product to the store shelves of local grocers around the United States to deliver a piece of tradition to consumers wherever they may live.

CA West also produces a high quality White Hominy corn that is found in many traditional recipes. The size of the White Hominy corn sets it apart immediately from other white corn varieties. The flavor and versatility of the White Hominy sets it as a standard for quality cooking and producing the best Mexican dishes.

CA West has several new products in development that will be launched to the market in the near future. We are taking very close consideration in the adoption of our products by customers. If you have a particular specialty or organic corn that you would like to purchase but do not see here, we can fulfill special orders, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Put simply: Quality is Culture. CA West believes that investing in the quality of our products, practices, and procedures will ensure the sustainability and success of our organization. From the planting of the first seed, we have instituted behaviors that have been developed through years of experience and a quest for perfection. We are committed to delivering a quality product that is healthy and delicious.

We capitalize on years of training and experience with some of the most respected names in food production and processing. Our professionals have meticulously developed a method to ensure the consistency of our products and to maintain the cultural connections on which our products are based.

CA West is a Nevada-based corporation with main operations in California . CA West carefully chooses it partners to deliver a reliable product.

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