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  Cancun Guide and Directory

It's no surprise that Cancun is Mexico's top tourist destination. Located on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula it's beaches are simply beautiful and with little competition. Cancun's beaches offer gleaming white sands from the offshore coral reefs and the clear blue-green waters of the crystal clear Caribbean. A wide range of restaurants, exciting night life, a variety of shopping opportunities and the overall tropical atmosphere draw over two million visitors a year.

Cancun beaches
Cancun's beach front hotels
Cancun has more than 200 days of sun a year and the temperature averages a pleasant 80F (25C). The "hotel zone," which is what most tourists think of as Cancun, is a fourteen mile long, thin island shaped like a "7." To the East is the Caribbean Sea with wide open beaches and a steady breeze. To the North the shore is buffeted by Isla Mujeres (Isle of Women) providing calm waters. Towards the South and West, between the island and the mainland is the Nichupte Lagoon which is perfect for all sorts of water sports and activities, like water craft rentals and kayaking.

Along the hotel strip, Cancun offers some of the finest hotels and resorts you will find anywhere in the world, with something for every budget and taste - there are few limits in Cancun. There is also a good selection of quality, budget minded lodgings and plenty of family friendly places. If you want the best and intend to be pampered, don't worry, Cancun will take excellent care of you, with spas that are among the best.

Cancun Nightlife
Cancun has lots of fun night life
Downtown Cancun, or the Centro, has a much different feel, because it is where the local population lives. Cancun City has several hundred thousand residents, and offers markets instead of malls, and street vendors and outdoor cafes rather than air-conditioned restaurants. Downtown Cancun has little of the glitz of the hotel zone, but is a fast growing and interesting city to visit in it's own right, with plenty to see and do for those wishing to explore a little more. » Cancun the oldest and most trusted online guide to Mexico