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  GUAYMAS & SAN CARLOS City Guide & Directory

Guaymas is the main port of the state of Sonora, situated on the coast of the Sea of Cortez. San Carlos is about 12 miles to the North West.

San Carlos is a more popular destination for tourists, with many Americans coming in the winter months, and Mexicans coming in July and August. The beaches aren't particularly sandy, more rocky actually, but San Carlos is excellent for outdoor sports of all kinds. Diving, sailing, fishing, horse riding, kayaking and golf all have their place here. There are fishing tournaments in May, July and September, and golf tournaments throughout the year.

Guaymas was founded in 1769 by the Spaniards. In the 1800s it was hotly contested harbor with invasions attempted by many groups and nationalities, including the Americans. In 1852 the notorious French pirate Gaston Raousset de Bourbon managed to capture the port for several months. The pirates left for two years, however on their return the Mexican army was waiting for them. Most of the pirates were captured and executed. Today Guaymas has a thriving fishing industry. Some of the day's catch is served in the local restaurants, the local delicacy being the Camarones Gigantes - giant shrimp. A ferry can be caught here to Santa Rosalia in Baja California.

The most notable sights in Guaymas are the Plaza de los Tres Presidentes commemorating the three Mexican presidents who have come from Guaymas. The Iglesia de San Fernando was built in the 19th century, as was the Palacio Muncipal. The Plaza del Pescador has beautiful views, with the bay on one side and the city spread out on the other. There is a statue of a fisherman here, dedicated to those who have died in their dangerous profession.

The week before Ash Wednesday Guaymas celebrates a carnaval, and the week after the carnaval, San Carlos also holds a small canival.

The Three Best Visitor Sights in Guaymas:

  • The Plaza de los Tres Presidentes
  • The Iglesia de San Fernando
  • The Plaza del Pescador

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