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 URUAPAN City Guide and Directory

San Juan church in Uruapan Uruapan, in the state of Michoacan was discovered in 1533 by a Spanish monk. It was he who gave it its Purepecha name, which literally means 'a time when a plant bears fruit and flowers simultaneously, and is generally translated as 'Eternal Spring'. Uruapan and the surrounding area is renowned for it agriculture, most especially avocados, although also coffee, chocolate and fruit. There is even an avocado fair here in November.

The Museo de los Cuatro Pueblos Indios is now a museum, but was reputedly the first hospital in the americas, built in the 1530s. The museum is very small, just one room, but holds some of the work of the local craftsmen, including the laquerware on cedar they are famous for.

The Parque Nacional Eduardo Ruiz is a beautiful tropical park famous for its water features. As well as the Rio Cupatitzio running right through it from the Rodilla del Diablo pool there are waterfalls and fountains. The legend has it that the devil knelt where the pool is and left the mark of his knee.

Paracho in Uruapan The textile factory, Fabrica San Pedro, was built in the 19th century and is still in use today. The machines used are the same ones, over a century old and an appointment can be made to take a tour, where the whole process of making a tablecloth can be viewed, from beginning to end.

Uruapan has a number of festivals throughout the year, as well as the avocado fair. They include:

On Palm Sunday a procession marches through the streets waving crosses and figures woven from palm fronds. After the procession these weaving are sold and a week long craft fair begins.

Dia de San Francisco - St. Francis is the patron saint of Uruapan and they hold a festival in his honour on his day, October 4th.

    Top Sights in Uruapan
  • Parque Nacional Eduardo Ruiz
  • Museo de los Cuatro Pueblos Indios
  • Palm Sunday's procession

Camelinas Hotel, a place to relax with your family in Apatzingan.
Cast Inn Hotel, centrally located in Apatzingan.
Hacienda Caracha, former hacienda located near Uruapan.
Hotel Centro Suites & Class, located in apatzingan, with excellent location.
Hotel mi solar, a colonial hotel magnifecently restored in Uruapan downtown.
Hotel Real De Uruapan, with excellent location in downtown Uruapan
Mansion del Cupatitzio, a colonial-style hotel in Uruapan.
Nuevo Hotel Alameda, a hotel in Uruapan.
Pie de la Sierra, a country motel outside Uruapan.
Plaza Uruapan, centrally-located hotel in Uruapan.
Posada del Sol, centrally located in downtown Apatzingan.
Rio Grande Hotel & Suites, ideal for bussines or pleasure in Apatzingan.
Victoria Hotel, located in downtown Uruapan.

  • Posada del Balsas, Av. Constituci�n de 1814 Norte No. 16, Apatzing�n, Tel: (453) 534-1198
  • Hotel Chulavista, Heriberto Jara No. 52, Apatzing�n, Tel: (453) 534-0841
  • Hotel Cast-Inn, Av. Fco. I. Madero No. 149, Apatzingan, Tel: (453) 534 5441
  • Hotel Centro Av. Constituci�n 1814 Sur No. 65, Apatzingan, Tel: (453) 534 1158 / 537 4929
  • Hotel Nuevo Mexico, Fco. J. Mujica No. 95, Apatzingan * Tel: (453) 534 2888
  • Hotel Plaza San Jorge, Domicilio conocido, Coalcoman, Tel: (424) 53 30214

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