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The area's history is of some interest. With it's fine natural harbors, Manzanillo was an important seaport even before the Conquest. The Tarascans first ruled here.

It was first settled by Europeans in 1522, and was used as a departure point for Spanish expeditions to Baja and northern Mexico. An abundance of hardwoods helped convince Cortés to establish Latin America's first shipyard here in 1531.

In 1564 the expedition that led to Spanish rule in the Philippines set sail from Manzanillo, headed by Miguel López Legaspi. Other expeditions that originated from Manzanillo led to the discovery of Baja and "Alta" California (today, the state of California).

As an important sea port, Manzanillo opened the first telegraph office on the Pacific coast in 1869. By 1890, train service arrived and made coast to coast travel a convenience. The train depot also boosted the commercial importance of the port, the only train/port link on the Pacific. Today the fine, natural harbor & the rail connections have made Manzanillo the Mexican doorway to the Pacific Rim.

Manzanillo tourism boom began in the early 1970's when Las Hadas was built on the Santiago Peninsula. This Mediterranean resort is famed for the movie "10" starring Bo Derek and Dudley Moore which was filmed on location. Many resorts have followed making Manzanillo one of Mexico's largest Pacific coast resorts.


Cultural and Popular Art Museum
The folklore and craftmanship of Colima can be seen here. Everything from costumes to clay figures important to the region. The museum is open Tues.-Sun. from 10am to 5pm.
Colima - Gabino Barreda & Manuel Gallardo

Maria Ahumada Cultural Museum
This museum houses important archaeological pieces of the region as well as information on the pre-Columbian cultures. The museum is open Tues.-Sun. from 10am to 5pm.
Colima - Calzada Galvin & Ejercito Nacional

Regional History Museum
Exhibits include archeological pieces, historical items from the colonial period and items of importance to the state of Colima. The museum is open Tues.-Sat. from 9am to 6pm.
Colima - Found in the Morelos Portal

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