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 Mexico Consulting & Marketing Services

The following list of businesses and organizations can provide general and specific consulting and marketing services, to help start or conduct business in Mexico.

Real estate consulting in Mexico ECM International
ECM International has assisted a long list of Fortune 500 companies to successfully operate in Mexico. Our 31 years of experience in both Mexico and the US markets has positioned us to be the best advocate for your company. We understand the challenges of doing business in Mexico and our bilingual, bicultural staff of professionals is here to help. We can assist your company with a wide range of services from Concept through Commissioning as well as with project and construction management services.
Tijuana law - Baja Maldonado Law Group
Premier cross-border law firm with legal professionals licensed to practice in both the United States and Mexico. Our knowledgeable team of business, real estate and probate law attorneys is well-equipped to handle all aspects of cross-border representation, ranging from general business and real estate transactions, to highly complex and sophisticated international disputes.

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