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  Ensenada Travel Essentials


Banks generally have the best exchange rates & open at 8:30 am or 9:00 am, make sure you check what hours they do money exchanges. Lines may be longer at banks. In addition there are private money exchanges or "casa de cambios" that stay open longer, offering slightly less favorable rates than banks, but the convenience of a quick transaction at almost any time of the day or night.

Some banks may have 24 hour teller machines that allow you to take cash advances on your credit cards, or ATM cards - paid in pesos. However, at times the ATM machines may have communication problems with banks in the US or Canada, and consequently may not respond to your needs precisely when you need them.

Almost every establishment - from restaurants to shops, will readily accept US currency. The issue in that case will be the exchange rate that they offer; it is advisable to ask first in order to avoid any disappointments. Also, whether paying in Dollars or in Pesos, it is a good idea to carry small bills with you, as it is often difficult for small shops or stands to make change for large bills.


Most of the hotels, resorts and more upscale restaurants and shops will accept credit cards, with some or no surcharge. However, you have to keep in mind that many other establishments - especially smaller ones with lower prices, do not accept credit cards. While you are planning your trip, make sure that you carry - or have access to, enough cash or traveler's checks.


Ensenada is in the Pacific Time Zone.

It is said that the pace of life is generally slower in Mexico. At times it is true! Ensenada is a bit different than other areas of Mexico, most businesses, especially in the tourism areas, will be open during the day. Although, the custom of the mid-day lunch with family is still in effect, most shops have someone at work.

Siesta or the mid-day break is a tradition that reflects not only the necessity of avoiding heat-related fatigue, but is also a traditional time to spend with family. It coincides with the hottest time of day when people retreat to their homes to eat and rest in the shade.


You can call (direct dialing) and fax to anywhere in the world from Ensenada, using the facilities at your hotel or at the Ladetel phones with a calling card. Major US long distance companies have also established Mexican 800 numbers for making calls charged to "calling cards".

Internet access is now available in Ensenada, and some hotels may have access availability for their customers. "Internet cafes" can be found in town for the convenience of both tourists & locals alike.


Ensenada offers a great variety of accommodations - from 5 star luxury resorts to small downtown or beach hotels, to economy lodging and vacation rentals. Location and ambiance is for you to decide. Go to sleep listening to the thump of the surf or walk to shops and restaurants. Even camping & RVing are popular here. The choice is yours.


Most hotels and resorts accept credit cards readily. On the other hand, the smaller and economy oriented ones do not. Check with the hotel before you reserve your room.

The tap water in some hotels and resorts is purified and drinkable. However, it is wise to clarify this at the time of your check-in. Bottled water is sold throughout the city and problably the smart thing to use.

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