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  Ensenada Getting Out And About

During your stay in Ensenada transportation requirements will be dictated by where you are staying and where your intended destination is. Most of the time, visitors to Ensenada are one or two day trippers who have driven themselves. Parking is readily available on the streets of downtown Ensenada and many hotels have private secure parking. From here all shops, restaurants and the fish market are within easy walking distance.


Unless you are staying outside of downtown or plan to visit remote areas, you can walk to most areas of the tourist zone. For any trip outside of your local area, taxis are by far the best way to get around. Taxis are plentiful, clean and reliable, and fares are reasonable and fixed. Taxis are usually lined up in front of hotels. Your hotel can call a taxi for you. There are also taxi stands downtown which can co-op a ride to some of Ensenada's sites such as La Bufadora or local wineries along as you don't mind riding with others.

Ensenada offers a couple additional options such as horse drawn carriage as seen in the photo above. You can also rent scooters & ATV's in the tourist zones. Rental cars are available from major rental car agencies with offices downtown, some hotels may have rental car information.

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