The Everest Group
"Mexico's leading manufacturing services provider"

The Everest Group is a professional business startup organization, administration specialist and manufacturing service group formed specifically to assist companies in many stages of their Mexico projects.

Created by former manufacturing executives Everest is comprised of people with practical administrative, manufacturing and startup experience, thus providing our customers with unparalleled knowledge and ability for business operations in Mexico with a users perspective.

Whether you are looking for a contract manufacturer, becoming part of a startup "shelter", or a stand-alone project, our years of accumulated experience and specialized teams will provide you with the best and most suitable options for your business requirements.

Our service strategy will undoubtedly help you focus on your business knowledge issues such as product specific technology, marketing and manufacturing, while we take the helm of all Mexico related issues, including legal, customs, fiscal, human resources, environmental health and safety compliance, and the building of an effective cultural bridge atmosphere for your operation.

Project viability analysis:
We will analyze the business viability of your project BEFORE you invest.

Site search and analysis:
With thorough research and nation wide practical experience, we look for the best location for your project within the republic of Mexico.

Permits, Licenses and Registrations:
Expert project start up from an experienced team with a holistic vision of your Mexican compliance needs.

Human resource recruitment and development services:
We will find your people

Pre-construction and construction management:
Construction tender preparation, building "fit-out", shop expansions and new buildings.

Equipment transfer:
Documentation preparation, project coordination, Rigging, teardown, customs, logistics and equipment reinstallation.

Startup Shelter:
A low risk method of starting a manufacturing project in Mexico.

On-site project management and start-up services:
Full or partial administrative and company start-up services.

Administrative outsource services:
Manage your overhead costs more effectively by contracting our ongoing outsourced administrative services.

Contract manufacturing:
A fast & quality driven way to start doing business in Mexico today!

"Turnkey solutions for successful manufacturing"

The Everest Group - USA
5201 East Branch Drive
Glen Allen, VA 23059/5706

The Everest Group - MEXICO
Blvd.Jose Lopez Portillo No. 202
Parque Industrial MEGA
Arteaga, Coahuila, Mexico C.P. 25020

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