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San Miguel de Allende Local & Professional Services

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 Health - Spa & Beauty

Massage in San Miguel de Allende The Reflex Center
Sergio Ortega is a certified US neuromuscular therapist who worked and taught in San Francisco Ca. for 20 years. During this time he developed and perfected The Ortega System a group of techniques such as therapeutic body work, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, medium and deep tissue massage, swedish-esalen massage, reconstructive and corrective sports massage, reflexology, relaxation and lymphatic massage. We also provide professional massage for expectant mothers as well.

Jasmine Day Spa
A dedicated team of professionals, fully trained in facials, massage, foot reflexology and body treatments.
Jesus #25 A, Centro * Mex Tel: (415) 152-7973 * Mex Cel: 044 (415) 115-5336

Laja Spa
Health spa.
Hospicio #13, Centro * Mex Tel: (415) 154-4338

 Mail & Import/Export Services

La Conexion
Daily delivery of first class mail, magazines and newspapers from USA - SMA. Internet access.
6 locations all over town * Mex Tel: (415) 152-1599

TAO Internacional S. A. de C. V.
Commercial import/export.
Aldama #3A * Mex Tel: (415) 152-6173

 Medical - Doctors, Dentists & Hospitals

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