Guardian Metal Sales, Inc. is one of the premier non-ferrous metals service centers in the country. GMS specializes in narrow width slitting, located in El Paso, Texas. GMS is geographically located to service the the maquiladora industry and international customers.

Maquiladoras Mexico

Guardian Metal Sales, Inc. was founded in 1939 and has had only one additional owner, independently owned and operated, since it's inception. This independence allows Guardian Metal Sales, Inc. to use a variety of mill suppliers including: Olin Brass, The Miller Company, NGK Metals, PMX, Ormet Aluminum, Precision Specialty Metals, and NVF Fibre Co.

Guardian Metal Sales, Inc. as a small company has resisted the urge to consolidate and maintained its customer focus and Strives For Perfect on-time performance.



Guardian Metal Sales, Inc. inspects all incoming material from our mill suppliers to insure compliance with industry standards. We also conduct before, during, and after inspections of all our processing (slitting) to insure quality performance is maintained throughout the order.


There are situations when our customers require additional information from us regarding the physical properties of our material. We have limited ability to conduct some testing, such as Rockwell hardness testing, but we have access to testing labs that can perform sophisticated testing on material for our customers.

Contact Information

1410 Gail Borden, Suite A5
El Paso, Texas 79935

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