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Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Restaurants, Bars & Catering

Restaurants range from simple beach eateries to deluxe establishments. Chefs, cooks and waiters are sincerely eager to please and take pride in the quality of their fare -- seafood is pre-eminent and meticulousy fresh. Regional seafood favorites include tiritas (fish strips), pescadillas (fish tacos), and a la talla (baked in foil).

Meals generally cost less in Zihuatanejo than Ixtapa. Even the most glamorous restaurants in either place cost considerably less than those in other resorts such as Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta. Dress is "Look-Good" casual even at night; men rarely wear jackets much less neckties, except maybe to the finest restaurants. Most restaurants accept you as you are considering it is a beach resort.Note: there are no U.S. fast-food franchises, however, excellent hamburgers, steaks and pizza can be found.

Many of the hotels in Ixtapa offer Mexican Fiesta nights with special buffets, entertainment such as folk dancing, singing and games. These events usually are held during the weekday evenings. Regardless of where you eat, tipping is the same as in most countries, between 10% and 15%, depending on service.

Ixtapa is the spot for nightlife. Most discos, clubs & larger bars can be found here, mainly in the hotel zone or in the marina area. Some of the larger resorts have their own discos. Zihuatanejo is much more quiet with most drinking establishments found in the local restaurants or hotels which close earlier than the lively nightspots in Ixtapa.

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