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Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Real Estate

Whether you are looking for the perfect vacation/retirement home or a business such as a bed and breakfast inn or restaurant, the Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo area has many opportunities.

In Ixtapa, you have the option of purchasing a home on the golf course, next to the marina, or in one the beach enclaves just to the north. Some timeshares are also available.

In Zihuatanejo, there are homes and businesses available in the center of this quaint town, or you may find a vacation home on or above the beaches for a higher cost.

Both north and south of these resorts, you'll find small, local communities with many available lots or homes, such as Troncones and Barra de Potosi.

 Real Estate Services Agencies & Agents

BuenaVida Properties
Luxury real estate.
Zihuatanejo * Mex Tel: (755) 544-6038

Costa Grande Real Estate
Condos, Lots, Houses for sale or rent, English Spoken.
Zihuatanejo * Mex Cel: (755) 100-7100 * US Tel: (630) 780-6373

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Real Estate
The best in residential and commercial real estate properties.
Zihuatanejo * Mex Tel: (755) 544-8787 * US Tel: (702) 966-1238

 Real Estate Developments

NAO Residences
New luxury residences in La Ropa.
Zihuatanejo * Mex Tel: (755) 544-6038

 Real Estate Services

Andrés Saavedra Design
Architecture, design & construction.
Zihuatanejo * Mex Tel: (755) 544-6038

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