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As the wheels of progress revolve at a maddening pace in Mexico City, churning out the data advising the feasibility of the locations for the newest resort areas, such as Cancun, Ixtapa, Huatulco, etc.; the last information to appear on the computer screens has been the Baja Peninsula, particularly the State of Baja California, the northern half of the peninsula.

Out of the obscurity that has surrounded the entire peninsula for so many years...a booming, thriving megalopolis now exists in the farthest northwest corner of the Republic of Mexico, Tijuana, and its closely interwoven friendly relationship with the equally booming city of San Diego, California. They have formed a union which is  the envy of many major cities both in the United States and in Mexico, or in the world, for that matter!

The 200 mile border that separates the State of Baja California, Mexico, from the largest traveling population of the United States in the area of Southern California, allows for a foreign vacation within a three-hour drive from Los Angeles or a 16-mile drive from downtown San Diego.


When driving to Mexico, Mexican auto insurance coverage should be obtained for the length of your stay. You are traveling to a foreign country and should carry Proof of Citizenship: passport or original birth certificate. There are no health requirements for the Republic of Mexico, and therefore, immunizations are not required. If you are traveling more than 100 miles south of the border, or staying more than 72 hours, a Mexican Visa is required. U.S. Customs allow $800 worth of purchases per person when returning to the USA.


Hotels located in Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada, San Felipe, Mexicali and Tecate

  • Tijuana: Grand Hotel Tijuana; Hotel Lucerna; Hotel El Conquistador
  • Rosarito Beach, home of 20th Century Fox Studio, producers of 'The Titanic' and many seaside resorts: Rosarito Beach Hotel, Las Rocas, Oasis Beach Resort, Quinta Del Mar: New Port Beach Hotel, Grand Baja Resort.
  • Ensenada: Hacienda Bajamar Hotel and 27 hole golf course; Las Rosas Hotel; La   Pinta; San Nicolas and Estero Beach Hotel.
  • San Felipe: Las Misiones Hotel
  • Mexicali: Hotel Lucerna
  • Tecate: Hacienda Santa ; Rancho Los Chabacanos Spa


  • La Concha Beach Resort, La Paz, BCS
  • Ocean front rooms and Condos.
  • Watersports center on the property for Whale watching, Scuba diving, Sportsfishing, Kayaking.

IMPA/Mexico Info was founded in 1979 by Gina Cord and operated as a solely-owned private company until its incorporation on August 2, 1983 with the same office address for 18 years m the Mission Valley area, having moved in June of 2001, due to excessive increase in rental space, to our current owned address at 6855 Friars Rd. #26, San Diego California USA 92108, the same phone numbers which are published worldwide in all touristic guides.

Gina Cord, President and CEO, has a background which includes many years of expertise in marketing, sales and public relations in tourism, land development, fashion and show business management. She is the former President of California Press Women/southern District (1981-84); member of the Society of American Travel Writers; West Coast Tourism promotion and Marketing for the State of Quintana Roo.

Appointed by then Governor, Lic. Pedro Joaquin Caldwell, in October, 1982; President of Mexico Tourism Organization (1985 to present); USA .Manager of Tijuana Tourism and Convention Bureau (1983-88) under the direction of Sr. Alberto Limon Padilla, Sr. Kayachanian, and Sr. Alfonso Bustamante Anchondo. Also, the USA Manager of the Federal Delegate of Tourism of Baja California (1989); public relations for Fondo Mixto, Baja California, and later for Fondo Mixto, Rosarito; and Manager of USA office for La Concha Beach Resort of La Paz, BCS, (1993 to present).

The main endeavors of the corporation include international tourism development for clients from Mexico; public relations; promotions; marketing, financial development and hotel reservation system, and is known throughout the industry. as the office of information for Baja California, Mexico, with listings in all tourism guides as well as internet.

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The following phone numbers have been the San Diego Office of information for  Baja California for
the past 20 years operated by

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