Stamping is our Business

Keats Southwest is a division of Keats Manufacturing Company, a premier supplier of precision metal stampings to companies throughout North America. Founded by Bert and Glenn Keats in Chicago in 1958, Keats Manufacturing has forged a reputation for innovation and customer service unparalleled in the industry.
The establishment of the NAFTA treaty with Canada and Mexico has made it easier than ever to move goods and services across United States borders. Keats Southwest was founded in El Paso, Texas in 1994 to better serve customers on both sides of the Rio Grande, and throughout the Western U.S.
Keats provides its customers with a team of talented and experienced professional who work together throughout the manufacturing process, from design through production. State of the art technology and modern equipment are a necessity, but it is the people who run the equipment that deliver optimum results.
Precision tooling is the cornerstone of our business. With over 100 four-slide, Multi-slide, and radial machines, Keats can stamp, form, and assemble your most intricate metal parts and wireforms. We manufacture an extensive span of parts for industries ranging from automotive to small appliance to electronics. Keats toolmakers utilize the most advanced technologies, including EDM processes, to manufacture metal stampings of incredible complexity. And because each one of the tools we use is manufactured in-house, Keats can ensure an unrivaled level of precision. During the manufacturing process, live in-machine sensors verify that parts are being produced to exact tolerances at virtually the same instant they are made.


Keats Southwest
11831 Miriam Street, Suite A-9
El Paso, Texas 79936

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