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Mexico:  A Traveler's Literary Companion - Edited by C.M. Mayo

Published by:  Wereabouts Press, $14.95, ISBN # 1-883513-15-4

"This is how Mexico looks, tastes and feels, and how its writers write about it. . . .This is a book to
throw in a suitcase or mochila (backpack) on the way to Mexico or just settling into a favorite patio
chair. It will open your eyes, fill you with pleasure and render our perennial vecinos a little less distante."
                     --Los Angeles Times

"This delicious volume has lovingly gathered a banquet of pieces that reveal Mexico in all its infinite variety,
its splendid geography, its luminous peoples. What a treat!"
                     --Margaret Sayers Peden, leading literary translator and editor, Mexican Writers on Writing

Mexico has long been the top travel destination for Americans. But until now, there has not been such a
panoramic vision of Mexico offered by some of Mexico's finest contemporary writers of fiction and literary
prose. Here are writings-many translated for the first time-that bring you to the people of the beaches, the
deserts, jungles, snow-capped mountains, and megacities.

The voices are rich and diverse, the stories enthralling and strange. These writings shatter stereotypes as they
provide a rollicking journey from the Pacific to the Gulf, from Yucatan to the U.S.-Mexico border, from humble
ranchos to a fabulous mountaintop castle.

C.M. Mayo is founding editor of Tameme, one of the most prestigious publishers of Spanish/English literary
translation. She is the author of the widely lauded travel memoir, Miraculous Air: Journey of a Thousand Miles
through Baja California, the Other Mexico, and Sky Over El Nido, which won the Flannery O'Connor Award for
Short Fiction.



    Daniel Reveles, "Big Caca's Revenge"

    Ciudad Ju�rez:
    Carlos Fuentes, "Malintzin of the Maquilas"


    In the State of Sinaloa:
    In�s Arredondo, "The Silent Words"

    In the State of Chihuahua:
    Jes�s Gardea, "According to Evaristo"

    The Northern Desert:
    Ricardo Elizondo Elizondo, "The Green Bottle"

    Baja California:
    Agust�n Cadena, "Lady of the Seas"
    C. M. Mayo, "Rancho Santa In�s: Fast!"


    Mexico City:
    Carlos Monsiv�is, "Identity Hour or, What Photos Would You Take of the Endless City?"
    Juan Villoro, "One-Way Street"
    Guadalupe Loaeza, "Oh, Polanco!"
    Fernando del Paso, "The Emperor in Miravalle"

    Near Cuernavaca, Morelos:
    M�nica Lav�n, "Day and Night"

    In the State of Puebla:
    Pedro �ngel Palou, "Huaquechula"
    �ngeles Mastretta, "Aunt Elena"

    Morelia, Michoac�n:
    Ra�l Mej�a, "Banquets"

    Guadalajara, Jalisco:
    Martha Cerda, "And One Wednesday"

    Quer�taro (in the Baj�o):
    Araceli Ard�n, "It Is Nothing of Mine"


    In the State of Tabasco:
    Bruno Esta�ol, "Fata Morgana"

    In the State of Veracruz:
    Ilan Stavans, "Twins"
    Raymundo Hern�ndez-Gil, "Tarantula"


    Julieta Campos, "She Has Reddish Hair and Her Name Is Sabina"

    Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca:
    Alberto Ruy S�nchez, "Vigil in Tehuantepec"

    Rosario Castellanos, "Tenebrae Service"


    Laura Esquivel, "Swift as Desire"

Translators: Alfred MacAdam, Cynthia Steele, Mark Schafer, Geoff Hargreaves, C. M. Mayo,
John Kraniauskas, Daniel Shapiro, Amy Schildhouse Greenberg, Philip Garrison, Carl I.
Jubr�n, Eduardo Jim�nez, Harry Morales, Daryl R. Hague, Leland H. Chambers, Myralyn F.
Allgood, and Stephen Lytle.

MEXICO, edited by C. M. Mayo, $14.95, ISBN # 1-883513-15-4

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