Why Participate in MEXPORT?

  • We Are the Best of Its Kind! Held just a few blocks away from the border, the MEXPORT Buyer and Seller Trade Show, has been around for twenty years and is the premier cross-border trade show in the Southern California/Baja California region.
  • You Can Afford It! Organized by two local leading organizations interested in promoting business opportunities, the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation and the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce, MEXPORT is the most affordable and effective show in the region. Booths are only $775!
  • Timing is Perfect! More than $11 billion in components are being imported from the Baja California maquiladora industry. 60% of this market is from NON-NAFTA countries. You have a competitive advantage!
MEXPORT attendees are key decision makers. Take advantage of serious selling and procurement opportunities!

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