Scarp metal recycling in Texas

We at M&M Metals would like the opportunity to purchase your scrap ferrous and non ferrous material, obsolete inventory, scrap machinery, electronics, solder and any other excess material that your company may generate, also "Certificate of Destruction" can be given if needed.

We have a large facility located at 12751 Pellicano in El Paso, Texas, Approximately 3 miles from the Zaragosa bridge. This 20,000 square foot warehouse setting on a 10 acre location allows us to provide you more efficient service with a faster return on the loading and unloading of your material. Specializing in service to the twin plants in Mexico.

We offer top prices for all your material and can furnish your company with empty trailers and containers for your convenience. We also can make arrangements for shipping.

  • Aluminum Scrap Recycling (Al)
  • Brass Scrap Recycling
  • Bronze Scrap Recycling
  • Copper Scrap Recycling (Cu)
  • Gold Recycling (Au)
  • Lead Scrap Recycling (Pb)
  • Magnesium Scrap Recycling (Mg)
  • Machinery
  • Platinum Group Metals Recycling (Pt,Pd,Rh)
  • Precious Metals Scrap (Mixed Metals)
  • Silver Recycling (Ag)
  • Stainless Steel Alloy Scrap (Ni,Cr,Co,Mo)
  • Steel & Iron Scrap Recycling (Fe)
  • Railroad Scrap
  • Tin Scrap Recycling (Sn)
  • Titanium Recycling (Ti)
  • Transformers all types
  • Used industrial Equipment
  • Used/Reusable Non Ferrous Metals (not scrap)
  • Used/Reusable Steel & Iron (not scrap)
  • Zinc Scrap Recycling (Zn)
  • Other Scrap Metals

Please contact us for any further information you may need

M&M Metals
Randy Gahan
12751 Pellicano
El Paso Texas 79928

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