Pasitos de Luz

"Little Steps Of Light"

Pasitos de Luz is a locally based Charity here in Puerto Vallarta. Under difficult circumstances, they endeavor to support families from low income backgrounds and their children with varying disabilities, including: Cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, Consequences of Meningitis, Microcephaly , Muscular Dystrophy, Cry du chat, and Hydrocephaly.

The mission of Pasitos de Luz is to provide support for the children’s families so they can work, while knowing their special-needs child is receiving nutritional meals, therapy treatments, and special education during days filled with love and laughter. All services for the children are provided at no cost to the families. The facility receives extremely minimal assistance from the local government and relies almost exclusively on the generosity of donors.

Positos de Luz was founded in December of 1999 by Mrs. Yolanda Sanchez and this Civil Association was registered before the Notary on November 22, 2000. Yolanda is still the Director, with the help of all the wonderful volunteers.

Pasitos de Luz offers these deserving children a caring and loving environment as well as a home away from home. They offer nutritional services, physical rehabilitation, medical specialist’s services, orthopedic equipment, occupational and speech therapy. They provide moral and psychological support for the family and maintain a high standard of hygiene. All of these services are provided in an environment where the child will always be healthy and happy.

The value of Pasitos de Luz to the families involved is huge, as many are single parent families or marginal families in which both parent must work if they are to make ends meet.

This is a labor of love for the group to provide these special children with tools of learning and rehabilitation while their siblings are attending regular schools. To obtain the best results, the children play learning games and participate in physical therapy appropriate to their conditions.

They need your help, whether it is money donations, professional services, needed equipment or volunteers.

You are cordially welcome to visit and get to know them:
Exiquio Corona #545
Col. Bobadilla
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México. CP 48295
Tel/Fax: (322) 299-3605

Yolanda Sanchez Santiago
Founder and Director of Pasitos de Luz
Cesar Sánchez, Fundraiser
Pasitos de Luz
Phone: 322.299.3605 / 322.299.3625
Cell phone: 322.135.8856

Mayra Ayala, Administrator
Pasitos de Luz
Phone: 322.299.3605 / 322.299.3625
Cell phone: 322.150.2616

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