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The People's Guide Travel Letter is a fascinating hodgepodge of information, tips and personal experience for travelers to Mexico and Central America. Cleverly printed on the cheapest, eco-friendly newsprint to keep subscription costs ridiculously low ($15 for 4 issues; tell everyone!!), each issue literally bulges with articles, letters, quotes, tidbits and off-beat trivia.

Over the years we've witnessed the rise-and-fall of a number of much slicker newsletters and magazines on Mexico. Most of these publications followed the same well-beaten path through "The Land of Contrasts", from one cliche and tourist 'attraction' to another. Frankly, it's no surprise to me that they don't last -- like many independent travelers, gushing descriptions of hotel lobbies and five-star menus simply don't interest me.

Forget sexy Cancun publicity photos -- when I'm planning a trip or just indulging in armchair daydreaming, I want useful, thought-provoking information on the 'real' Mexico. That's where the People's Guide Travel Letter shines. When we feature our compadre Steve Rogers' favorite enchilada recipes, you can almost feel the salsa soaking through the font of your shirt! Whether you're looking for background on the Maya, recommendations for language schools or insiders tips to secret Pacific coast retirement hideaways, the Travel Letter is the place where serious aficionados of Mexico and Central America satisfy their need for information.

"Like Mexico there is no other" is an expression Mexicans are fond of repeating. Considering the strong positive reaction from its readers, we don't think it's stretching to say the same about the People's Guide Travel Letter.

As one satisfied reader crowed, "This is bathroom reading at it's finest!"


Carl Franz and Lorena Havens

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