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Cozumel Restaurants, Bars, Cafes & Catering

Dining on Cozumel Restaurants range from simple beach eateries to deluxe establishments. Chefs, cooks and waiters are sincerely eager to please and take pride in the quality of their fare -- seafood is pre-eminent and meticulousy fresh. Dining centers around San Miguel. Expect casual atmosphere and friendly service. There is a surprising variety of ethnic / international dining, from Italian to French and Lebanese to Japanese, and of course you must try authentic Yucatecan specialties.

Evening entertainment begins and ends early in Cozumel, compared to the rest of Mexico. Restaurants are full by 8pm and start to wind down by midnight. Most discos, clubs & larger bars can be found here, mainly in the hotel zone or in the marina. Some of the larger resorts have there own discos. Live tropical music is easy to find in many hotel lobbies.

 Restaurants & Cafes

Casa Mision
Our guarantee "If you don't like, you don't pay it".
Cozumel * Mex Tel: (987) 872-1641

Kelleys Sports Bar and Grill
We have all sports including US and Mex. With an international menu.
Cozumel * Mex Tel: (987) 878-4738 * US Tel: (918) 715-5622

La Mision
The divers restaurant in Cozumel, a long tradition.
Cozumel * Mex Tel: (987) 872-6340

Parrilla Mision
Best tacos in Cozumel.
Cozumel * Mex Tel: (987) 869-2463

 Bars, Cantinas & Clubs

 Catering & Caterers

Cozumel Chef - Private Chef/ Culinary Services
Taste authentic Mexican food, the best culinary experience in Cozumel.
Cozumel * Mex Tel: (987) 105-5300 * US Tel: (908) 268-3228

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