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Playa del Carmen Fishing, Diving & Charters

Wasabi-Loco Sport Fishing Adventures
Experienced English speaking crews on up to date American-owned sportfishing boats. Charters: whole day, half day or even three quarters. Small boats, large boats; both novice and the experienced anglers welcomed.
Puerto Aventuras * US Tel: (972) 839-4706

Arpon Spearfishing
Spearfishing trips in Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera.
Playa del Carmen * Mex Tel: (984) 745-9161

Diving Caves, Playa del Carmen
Personalized guiding and toplevel instructing for recreational and technical courses.
Playa del Carmen * Mex Cel: 044 (984) 131-2934

Pluto Dive
Scuba diving in a magical enviroment: ocean, cenote and Cozumel.
Playa del Carmen * Mex Tel: (984) 151-9045 * Mex Tel: (984) 151-9046

SpearfishingToday Playa del Carmen
The original spearfishing adventure. Freediving and spearfishing... a wonderful combination!
Playa del Carmen * Mex Tel: (987) 876-0862

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