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  Tulum Activities & Tours

Tulum dive shop Infinity2Diving
Our Team at Infinity2Diving are here to make a difference. We are in love with what we do and we love to share this experience with you. This is what makes us the best dive shop in Tulum. We are all very passionate people, providing you with a safe and personal experience. We are an international multilingual team offering you a friendly and professional service. We are the only 5* PADI DIVE RESORT IN TULUM We Cater for everyone, NON-DIVERS, Beginner divers up to Technical instructors

SpearfishingToday Tulum
The original spearfishing adventure. Freediving and spearfishing... a wonderful combination!
Tulum * Mex Tel: (987) 876-0862

Because of its laid back and relaxed atmosphere, the activities in tulum are just enjoying watching a sunrise while fishing or taking a look of the village by bicycle or going in a tour to the jungle or just relaxing under a shade laying in a hammock.

But also you can find more adventursome and out of the ordinary activities. SCUBA diving and snorkeling are a big attraction in Tulum there are many dive shops and cenote tours in the town that provides you with equipment and the certified divers and guides for this extreme adventure.

Tulum has the world's second-largest underwater coral reef along its coast, a spectacular and unforgattable atraction for those who enjoy the aventures of diving and snorkeling.

Or if you simply want to freshen up by taking a quick swim in the secluded beaches surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the nearby jungle brush.

Scuba diving shop on the beach
Scuba diving shop

Tulum rentals for diving, biking and much more
Rentals for all your activities

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