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Rosarito Restaurants, Cafes, Bars & Cantinas

Rosarito Beach is a party town. You'll find that many people come down just to enjoy it's beachfront bars and nightclubs for the weekend. Most of these establishments are located near the Rosarito Beach and Festival Plaza hotels at the south end of town.

If dancing to thumping DJ music is not what you are looking for, you will find other choices. Rosarito also has some traditional Mexican music hotspots (salsa, marimbo, norteño, etc.), jazz & blues lounges and even karaoke.

Although many of the vacationers that arrive will eat mainly at the numerous taco shops and small restaurants around town, you will fine some great places to eat. Fine dining can be found in a few of the hotels. Lobster and seafood are served in numerous restaurants throughout town.

Puerto Nuevo
Downtown Rosarito has it's fair share of excellent restaurants serving Mexican, seafood and international dishes, but the seaside village of Puerto Nuevo has made a name for it's lobster served "Puerto Nuevo-style". This refers to boiling the lobster in oil and serving it with rice, beans and hot tortillas. Located 10 miles south of Rosarito, this collection of restaurants and a couple hotels is a perfect spot to eat lunch or dinner.

 Restaurants & Cafes

Paradise Cove Tiki Bar & Grill
Oceanfront, Hawaiian Style Food, Outdoor horseshoe pits, volleyball, fire pits.
Rosarito * Mex Tel: (661) 613-2998

Tranquilo Restaurant & Sports Bar
Enjoyable atmosphere, specializing on italian food by the pool.
Rosarito * Mex Tel: (664) 410-3760

 Bars & Clubs

Papas & Beer
Largest beach club on the west coast.
Rosarito * Mex Tel: (661) 612-0244

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