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 Rosarito Beach Shopping Guide

There are many arts and crafts shops along the main boulevard in Rosarito Beach. You will also find products geared not only to the tourist, but also your home with many rustic furniture shops, ceramics shops and stained glass shops. Rosarito Beach seems to be a gathering place for artists also, so you will find some fine artwork here.

Near the El Nido restaurant, you'll find a small 'central market' with various handicrafts and gifts to bring home. It is on the beachside of the street.

With the many clubs and bars in central Rosarito, you will also find many clothing shops with the hippest club/bar gear advertising their establishment. Included in this is Señor Frogs, Papas & Beer and Rock n' Roll Taco to name a few.

Art Gallery * Cigars & Accessories * Smoking Lounge
Jewelry * Original Artwork * Open: 9:30am-7pm
Blvd. Benito Juarez #294 * Tel: (661) 612-0419

La Habana Tabaqueria
Cigars * Walk-in Humidor * Open: 9am-11pm, Closed Tuesday
Blvd. Benito Juarez #46-4 * Tel: (661) 612-3929

Fausto Polanco Hacienda Collection
Traditional Mexican & European Furniture
Free Road, Km. 35 at Toll Booth * Tel: (661) 612-5424

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