Hacienda San Juan
Where Your Dream Hunting Becomes A Reality...
In Northern Mexico, where the Sierra Madre Mountains bend eastward towards the Gulf of Mexico, exist the world's largest concentration of White-Winged Dove. Here, where the coastal plains and rolling hills combine with the rich, irrigated farmland, you will find the perfect habitat for these energetic game birds. Here too, on the banks of the Soto La Marina River, you will find Hacienda San Juan, Mexico's premier Hunting Lodge. Combining, bountiful bird hunting, awesome accommodations, unbelievable food and nightly entertainment have become our Signature. Please be our guest and discover why Hacienda San Juan has been the leading Hunting Resort in this Hemisphere for over 12 years.

We sell shooting fun, relaxation and plenty of memories ���

White-Wing Dove Hunting - Mid-August thru October
Mourning Dove Hunting - Mid-August thru December

Hacienda San Juan's, nearby fields of sunflowers and grain attract White-Winged Dove in such numbers, it is hard to imagine if you have not experienced it before. Everyday, early, millions of birds pour out of their roost and fan out across the countryside. As the birds flood into the fields, the shooting is remarkable�..quick and exhilarating. Your personal "bird-boy" races to retrieve the downed birds and to make certain you do not run short of essentials, such as ammunition and cold drinks.

Although considerably off the beaten path, Hacienda San Juan still manages to provide great shooting and a level of comfort that is unsurpassed by any hunting lodge in Mexico. Shooting in Mexico has always been a great adventure, but at Hacienda San Juan you will find it to be a very "civilized adventure". The Lodges simple well appointed rooms; manicured grounds and panoramic view of the countryside greet you at the end of every day.

Around the pool, you can relax and savor the day's excitement. There are Mariachis and cocktails�� and a casual dinner that is always simply and very skillfully prepared from the freshest local fare. All in all, most people agree, Hacienda San Juan truly is the best Mexico has to offer.

The lodging was designed with your comfort in mind. Equipped with city electricity in addition to our backup generator, 100 channel Satellite TV with VCR, pool table, 3 outside bar areas with entertainment, purified tap water, air conditioning and comfortable beds insure your stay with us, will be trouble free.

Not only are our accommodations second to none, enjoy yourself between hunting sessions at our Swimming Pool or Jacuzzi Tub. Our wait-staff will bring you the refreshment of your choice and try our complimentary Nacho Supreme Plate.

Hacienda San Juan
P.O. Box 1030 Richmond, Texas 77406

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