The Santa Teresa Real Estate Development Corporation is a developer of investment-grade industrial real estate on the US/Mexico border. The company's three industrial parks in Santa Teresa, New Mexico are adjacent to west El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico, one of the largest industrial manufacturing complexes in North America.

With over 2,600 industrial zoned acres in three industrial parks, the Santa Teresa project has become the most dynamic development on the border, due to its well-designed master plan and geographic proximity to Mexico's maquila industry. The industrial development in Santa Teresa is the first phase in the creation of a master-planned binational city, which will eventually see the establishment of residential communities and commercial zones. San Jeronimo, which is currently in the planning stages, will be Santa Teresa's sister city on the Mexican side of the border.

The Santa Teresa Port is the fastest, most modern port in the El Paso/Juarez region, with truck crossing times averaging less than 20 minutes. The new Samalayuca Bypass allows commercial traffic to quickly access or exit Mexico's interior without having to battle the traffic in heavily congested El Paso/Juarez.

Santa Teresa's properties offer superior transportation logistics. Rail service is provided by the Union Pacific Railroad. Daily airfreight is available at the Dona Ana County International Airport in Santa Teresa. Trucking services are available through numerous area providers and rapidly deployed to either US or Mexico destinations via the US/Mexico international border crossing at Santa Teresa and Interstate 10. These are both within ten minutes of Santa Teresa's industrial parks, via the four-lane Pete Domenici Highway. Several customs brokerage firms have permanent establishments in Santa Teresa and San Jeronimo.

More than 2 million square feet of manufacturing and logistics facilities have been constructed in the Santa Teresa Real Estate Development Corporation's three area industrial parks:

The 225-acre Santa Teresa Business Center is served by both the Dona Ana County International Airport and the Union Pacific Railroad. The park is six miles from Interstate 10 and five miles from the Santa Teresa Port of Entry, via the four-lane Pete Domenici Highway. Currently, there are 35 tenants in the park, including Siemens, ADC Telecommunications, IBF Griffith, Foamex and Acme Mills. Also located within the park is the Santa Teresa Logistics & Warehousing (STLW) company, a third-party logistics firm and public warehouse. STLW provides its clients with the ultimate in flexibility. No long-term lease or fixed space is required. Tenants are free to lease the exact amount of space for the precise amount of time needed.

The 1,100-acre Santa Teresa Intermodal Industrial Park is currently the largest rail-served park under development on the US/Mexico border. Tenants of the park will enjoy true intermodal services, incorporating truck, rail and air cargo access. The Santa Teresa Shortline Railroad will provide park tenants with service off of the Union Pacific line. Currently, 368 acres have been developed and are rail-served in this park, which promises to make Santa Teresa the premier logistics center on the border.

The 1,300-acre Santa Teresa Border Industrial Park abuts the border to the west of the Santa Teresa Port of Entry. Northbound trucks crossing the border will have immediate access to this park one mile south of the truck inspection station, thus providing logistical and time-sensitive advantages.

In addition to the geographical/logistical advantages offered by Santa Teresa's industrial parks, Santa Teresa offers companies the most economical total cost of doing business. Land costs and leasing rates are some of the most competitive in the El Paso/Juarez area. Companies locating in Santa Teresa can also take advantage of tax credits for the creation of jobs, tax credits for bringing manufacturing equipment into the region and low-cost or free workforce training.

The Santa Teresa Real Estate Development Corporation's investment-grade facilities, superior transportation logistics and total cost of doing business advantages have made Santa Teresa the fastest-growing industrial real estate sub-market in the El Paso / Juarez international metroplex.

2660 Airport Road, Suite 500, Santa Teresa, New Mexico 88008 USA

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