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Sunracer Publications presents four wonderful books celebrating the beautiful and exciting canyons of northern Mexico and the Copper Canyon.
Over 40,000 Sold!
Mexico's Copper Canyon

Announcing a new guidebook for those wishing to experience the heart and soul of Copper Canyon and the Sierra Tarahumara. This is the first guidebook to deal exclusively with Copper Canyon, featuring all new photographs of the famous railroad trip through the Sierra Madre. Traditional Tarahumara festivals documented here have never been seen in any previous publication.

The outstanding features in this guidebook include the unique and extensive coverage given to the Copper Canyon train trip, the Tarahumara championship runners, plus new materials on the Mystical Barrancas. 8?" x 11", 100 page, perfect bound, smyth sewn. ISBN 0-9619170-6-7 $16.95 USD + $2.00 postage.

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National Parks of Northern Mexico

Here's all the information you'll need to plan a rail, highway, or sea tour of Mexico's exciting northern border states. This guidebook provides you with a rare look at some of the most spectacular sunsets, exhilarating waterfalls, and picturesque canyons you'll find anywhere in the world.

This extensive book is jam-packed with adventure, action, stories, and facts. There are 129 pages of text with 200 color photographs, maps, illustrations, and graphs. 8 1/2" x 11", perfect bound, smyth sewn. ISBN 0-9619170-5-9 $16.95 USD + $2.00 postage.

Newly Updated!
Earth's Mystical Grand Canyons

Updated 1998 New inserts of Greece, Tibet, and Bolivia

Traversing through the Grand Canyons of the United States, Tibet, Mexico, Bolivia, and China, this book begins as a guide, then transcends beyond into global environmental issues, ultimately illuminating the beauty of humanity in surreal wilderness canyons.

Over 100 unbelievable color photographs, 156 pages, maps and illustrations. 9" x 12", smyth sewn. ISBN0-9619170-7-5 $24.95 USD + $2.00 shipping and handling. (Hard cover available December 1998 $29.95).

The Vigin of Guadalupe
A collection of photographs, essays, stories, poems, prayers, and songs dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Indidviduals from Arizona, Sonoara, California, Chihuahua, New Mexico and Texas provide personal and profound insisghts into the border culture.

This books is produced as an arts/fund-raising project to benefit the Tarahumara Famine Relief and Cultural Support Project. All profits from this book go to the Tarahumara Famine Relief, Cultural Assistance, and Racing Team. English and Spanish. 32 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", saddle-stitched. ISBN 0-9619170-8-3 $9.95 USD + $2.00 postage.

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