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                "These people know Mexico!"
                Roger Gallo, Author of Escape from America - The book about restarting your life abroad.

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Perfect for college graduates seeking work experience abroad, retirees looking for low cost living, or anyone interested in a new adventure. The beaches, cathedrals, pyramids, and archaeological ruins will amaze you. You will create memories that will last a lifetime!

I have taught ESL in several countries (Thailand, Taiwan, China, Germany, Holland, Mexico, US) and I have to say that the Mexican students were by far the best students I have ever had. They were bright, fun, interesting, friendly, respectful, spontaneous, appreciative, creative, curious, witty, and down right charming! I don�t think it was just that I was lucky and got good students, I think it is the Mexican way. People I met outside of school and in different parts of the country were also all so nice that I can only conclude that it is the Mexican character. If you want to feel good about teaching and good about people in general, than I recommend Mexico. Dan Ward, Amherst, USA

The 5 top reasons to teach English in Mexico:
1. Learn a new culture - expand your horizons.
2. Improve your Spanish.
3. Enjoy the beauty of an ancient civilization.
4. Live in the comfort of a warm, tropical climate.
5. Make new friends that will last a lifetime.

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