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 Bahia de los Angeles

Bahia de los Angeles also known as Bay of LA is one of those beautifully rugged and slow moving towns situated along the eastern shore of the Baja Peninsula. After heading east for over an hour off the main Highway 1 a vista will appear of sienna colored islands and water that is colored heavenís blue. The scenery is sharp and defined with such a contrast that you would think you are about to drive through a painting. The first glimpse of the bay is an unforgettable sight that will stay with you far into the future. A simple town of few buildings and no high rise resorts this slightly overgrown fishing village is considered a power house for anglers seeking big fish stories and unpretentious hospitality.

There are sixteen uninhabited islands that are located in and around the bay, the largest island, Isla Angel de Garda frames the scene to the east and is 69 kilometers long. These islands make for great anchoring, fishing, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, kayaking and exploring. A permit is required to walk on the islands, inquire in town. During the summer months a person can witness firsthand the largest fish in the world, the whale shark, traveling through fortified waters around the islands. A rendezvous with one of these 50 foot long, slow moving graceful creatures is truly spectacular. This region is host to an array of larger sea animals like sea lions, whales and dolphins, all active throughout the year.

A year round draw to Bahia de los Angeles is the plentiful fishing that can leave you exhausted by days end. Anglers fish for bass, sierra, cabrillo, roosterfish, barracuda, white sea bass, grouper and one of the most sought after sport fish in the sea, giant Yellow Tail, some reaching lengths of six feet and weighing up to one hundred pounds. For those willing to venture further into the Sea of Cortez they will be rewarded with sailfish, marlin and Dorado also called Mahi Mahi. The water in the bay and around the islands is azure blue, clean, clear and often times glassy from sun up to sun down. But donít let the serenity fool you as winds in the Sea of Cortez can generate quickly and cause havoc for the unprepared.

Take a break from the fishing and you can tour the townís small museum. They have done a really good job here and you can check out all the plants and cactus that are native to the region as well as some souvenirs and a really great display of giant skeletal remains from dinosaurs, whales and big sport fish, definitely worth a visit. Also in town is The Regional Centre for Fisheries Project (Central Regional Investigacion de Pesquera) an important center dedicated to the understanding and preservation of sea turtles. Another terrestrial excursion is Mision San Borja de Adac, one of the most remote missions in Baja. The mission dates back to 1762 and is very well preserved. Near the mission there are the rock paintings of Montevideo that are over 10,000 years old and are considered one of the most significant archeological finds in Baja California. Inquire about a tour at one of the hotels or RV parks.

Progress in Bahia de Los Angeles has ebbed forward at a starfish pace but amenities are available. The town now has two markets and internet connection. A couple of small hotels in town and a few hotels are now located to the north. RV parks are available with some amenities as well as places to camp. There is a small medical clinic that can handle minor emergencies and twenty-four hour electricity. You will not find night clubs in town but you will find a few bars, restaurants and more than a few fisherman telling stories that could fill a thick novel.

There are no flights to Bahia de los Angeles and it is more than a short drive from San Diego. The destination is well worth the drive and the four hundred mile journey can be done between sun up and sun down. The road leading to the bay was repaved years ago and is now smooth and pleasant. This bay is filled with enough amenities to make a family of travelers feel safe and at the same time feel like sixteenth century explorers. The region is a must see and experience for those interested in true Baja history and sociology and of course for the fishing.

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