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Acapulco, the queen of Mexican beach resorts, is ever-popular with year around foreign and domestic visitors. It delivers an action packed, 24-hours-a-day exuberance that makes every moment count, and an array of attractions and activities to please almost any visitor. As the "birthplace" of the Mexican visitor industry, it is world renowned for several firsts.

We can thank Acapulco for introducing global vacation institutions such as the disco, parasailing, the swim-up pool bar, rooms with private swimming pools, tequila "poppers", hotels shaped like pyramids, and cliff divers. It also showcases the carefree, carnival atmosphere for which Mexico is famous.

Resort activities center around three areas. Beginning south of Acapulco Bay (near the airport) is the Playa Revolcadero area. Once the private domain of the Princess and Pierre Marques resorts, this long stretch of open ocean beach (backed by an enormous tropical lagoon) is now home to several resorts and apartment/condo projects.

Just to the north (between the airport and Acapulco Bay) is the Puerto Marques area. This tranquil bay, for years of little interest to developers, is now the site of the enormous Acapulco Diamante resort and residential development.

And finally, there is the south-facing Acapulco Bay, a u-shaped, mountain-framed natural harbor that rivals Rio de Janeiro and Hong Kong for natural beauty.

A highway descends from the steep cliffs of the bay's southern end, becoming the coastal Avenida Miguel Alem�n, also known as the Costera. This is the heart of Acapulco's resort strip and home to nearly all of Acapulco's resort hotels, non-stop nightlife, dining, and shopping. The Costera continues north along the bay toward Old Acapulco and the aging downtown area.

Acapulco is the largest, loudest and most boisterous resort in Mexico. Its tempo is more urban than resort, as the city approaches 2 million residents. Yet seclusion from the port's traffic and clamor can be found at several hotel properties as well as at the beach. In fact, Acapulco offers over 300 hotels and boasts some of the world's swankiest resorts, along with dozens of affordable beachfront hotels and motels.

Thanks to its dazzling discos, bars, and clubs, Acapulco is the #1 choice with party lovers. Honeymooners fall in love with the resort's tropical beauty and festive Mexican atmosphere. The area also appeals to families, thanks to several parks, calm beaches, and CiCi water sports park for children. Acapulco's cliff divers are an institution and is a sight not to miss.

Dining is diverse, not only in cuisine, but also in setting. Most restaurants are alfresco, and many offer breathtaking views of Acapulco Bay. Shopping is excellent, either in the resort's several American-style malls, or at its bustling downtown mercados.

Despite it's current reputation as a playground of chic resorts, the port has played a prominent role in world history. In fact, Acapulco was a cornerstone of world trade as far back as the 16th century. Acapulco's historic San Diego Fort, a sentinel overlooking the harbor, was built in 1616 to guard the famous Manilla Galleons from marauding pirates. Today the fort overlooks popular cruise ships and their terminal.

The resort is poised for the 21 century, thanks to a city-wide renaissance. This effort has included improved roads, cleaner water and beaches, landscaping of public areas, and the relocation of street and beach vendors. A bilingual tourist police force dressed in smart white safari uniforms ply the main areas and are deployed to assist and answer questions. The Acapulco of yesterday has reinvented itself to become the Acapulco of tomorrow for the visitors enjoyment.

Acapulco bay and beaches
Coloful hotels and condos line the beautiful Acapulco Bay

The famous cliff divers of Acapulco
The famous cliff divers of Acapulco

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