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 CIUDAD JUAREZ City Guide and Directory

Ciudad Juarez is located in the state of Chihuahua on the Rio Grande River and sits directly across the border from El Paso, Texas. The city is mostly commonly referred to as Juarez and represents one of the largest international border crossings in the world. Juarez is one of the largest cities in Mexico and its economy has grown substantially with the approximate 400 maquiladoras that are present here.

Because Juarez is a busy metropolitan city, it attracts many US citizens who cross the border to visit its nightclubs, to attend sporting events, dine in fine restaurants and to explore shopping opportunities. Traditional rodeos are prevalent in Juarez and the city is often referred to as the home of the Mexican Vaquero (Cowboy). Bullfighting is popular as well and many visitors come to the Plaza de Toros Monumental Bullring when the sport is in season (April through September). If you are interested in attending one of these bullfights, The El Paso Trolley Company (915-544-0062) offers tickets and transportation from El Paso, Texas.

While in Juarez, consider visiting the historic Mission of Our Lady of Guadaulupe Church. It is located in downtown Juarez on the West Side of Plaza de Armas. Built in the 1600's, this colonial church features intricate geometric designs in the beamed roofing and houses 18th-century paintings and sculptures. Another site to visit is the Juarez Museum of Art, located in the Plaza de las Americas area. The central cone-shaped building is surrounded by a moat and connected to the other two exhibit areas by bridges. If interested in the history of the city, be sure to visit the Juarez Museum of History in downtown Juarez, the exhibits chronicle the Mexican Revolution and the exploits of Pancho Villa.

The city of Juarez was founded in 1659 by Spanish explorers who were seeking a route through the Rocky Mountains. The original name of the city was El Paso del Norte (North Pass). The city was renamed in 1888 for Mexico's national hero, Benito Juarez.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848 established the Rio Grande River as the border point between Mexico and the United States. The part of the city designated to the United States would subsequently become El Paso, Texas. In 1911, during the Mexican Revolution, Pancho Villa took control of the city and forced the dictator Porfirio Diaz to resign.

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Ciudad Juarez park monument
Ciudad Juarez park monument
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