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 Mexico Real Estate Directory is the premier source for buying, selling, and researching real estate in Mexico. Since its launch in 1993, has aided thousands of users to grow their knowledge of real estate in Mexico to achieve property ownership in this exciting country.

Whether your goal is to buy a luxury retirement home in La Paz, explore real estate in Cabo San Lucas and throughout Los Cabos, or own a commercial investment anywhere in Mexico, our resources are for you. The relationship between foreign buyers and the Mexican government is a complex one, which is why we take so much pride in our resources, and look fondly on countless and empowered readers. Welcome to MEXonline, where visitors like you find everything they need to become real estate owners in Mexico.

Agent Directory
     Full-Service Real Estate Agents in Mexico.

Businesses & Properties for Sale
     Listing of Businesses for Sale in Mexico.

Buting Real Estate in Mexico
     Laws & Regulations for Foreigners.

Commercial & Industrial
     Commercial and industrial real estate companies in Mexico.

Developments & Property Listings
     Housing Developments, Condos, Timeshares, and Land in Mexico.

Real Estate Services & Information
     Buyer Information, Construction, Escrow, Lending & Services.

Vacation Rentals, Condos & Villas
     Private Homes and Rental Services in Mexico.

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