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 Mexico Government Offices, Agencies & Politics

Information on politics & elections, various institutes, the Mexican cabinet, transportation, embassies & consulates, the Constitution of Mexico, President Vicente Fox, government & private organizations.

Consulates of Mexico in the U.S. and Canada.
Embassies & Chambers Of Commerce
Mexican Government Tourism Offices in the U.S. & Canada.
Official State Government Sites
Political Parties of Mexico
State Tourism Offices of Mexico

Documents & Official Papers

Constitution of Mexico, in Spanish.

Mexican Government Agencies

BancoMext, the Trade Commission of Mexico.
Cemtral Bank of Mexico
Chamber of Deputies
CFE, Federal Electricity Commission.
CFT, Federal Telecommunications Commission.
IFE, Federal Electoral Institute.
IMP, Mexican Petroleum Institute.
IMSS, Social Security Institute.
IMT, Mexican Institue of Transport.
INEGI, Institute of Geography & Statistics.
INSP, National Institute of Public Health.
NAFIN, Industrial Development Bank.
National Film Commission
Office of Indigenous People
PEMEX, Petreóleos Mexicanos.
PGR, Attorney General's Office.
Presidential Homepage, official Presidential page.
SAGAR, Agriculture & Rural Development Ministry.
SCT, Transportation & Communications Ministry.
SECODEM, Administrative and Expenditure Development Ministry.
SEDENA, Defense & Military Ministry.
SEDESOL, Social Development Ministry.
SEMARNAT, Environment, Natural Resources & Fisheries Ministry.
SENER, Secretary of Energy.
Senate of Mexico
SEP, Public Education Ministry.
SEPOMEX, Postal Service of Mexico.
SG, Interior Ministry.
SHCP, Finance & Public Credit Ministry.
SRE, Foreign Relations Ministry.
SSA, Health & Assistance Ministry.
STPS, Labor Ministry.
Supreme Court

Other Nations Government Agencies

Export-Import Bank of the U.S.
Inter-American Development Bank
Office of Mexican Affairs, U.S. State Department
U.S. Department of Agriculture, regulations for animals & plants.
U.S. State Department, vital Mexico country statistics.
U.S. State Department
U.S. Trade & Development Agency
Washington Office on Latin America, promoting human rights & democracy.

National & International Organizations / Associations

American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico
CIRT National Association of Broadcasters.
The Organization of American States
U.S./Mexico Border Programs, from the U.S. EPA.
World Trade Center - Mexico City
World Trade Center - Monterrey » Mexican Government the oldest and most trusted online guide to Mexico