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 Riviera Nayarit City Guide and Directory


Nayarit is a popular vacation destination for those seeking a beautiful place to relax and wishing to enjoy a variety of activities. Nayarit is located on Mexico's West Coast with the state Jalisco to the south and the state of Sinaloa to the north. Its capital Tepic is situated inland on the Tepic River. Nayarit is well known to both surfers and birdwatchers alike due to the great waves that are found here and the abundance of birds that migrate here.

Home to the Huichol Indians and other indigenous tribes, this state offers much in the way of scenery, wildlife and history. The climate is wonderful and the land fertile. Multitudes of beautiful flowers grow here and the area produces exceptionally delicious fruits. Birds migrate here from North America and populate the regions rivers, lakes and coastal areas. Whales also migrate to this area, swimming to the waters of Nayarit to mate. Dolphins and sea turtles also make Nayarit their home year-round.

The Riviera Nayarit, Mexico's newest destination, is found in this state. This 100-mile stretch of coastline offers the visitor gorgeous beaches, fine resorts and boutique hotels. The Riviera Nayarit begins just north of Nuevo Vallarta and continues up the coast to the colonial town of San Blas. Here the visitor can find a wide variety of accommodations, including the exclusive Four Seasons and the St. Regis hotels. This new destination area has over 12,000 hotel rooms, two-thirds of which are in the four-star to grand luxury category; four major golf courses and protected ecotourism.

The beaches in Nayarit are world-renowned for their warm waters and golden sandy beaches. Some of the popular and pristine beaches that can be found here include San Blas, Nuevo Puerto, Punta Mita, Sayulita and San Pancho.

The following businesses provide services in or to the state of Nayarit and the area north of Puerto Vallarta

Galvan Real Estate in Nayarit Galvan Real Estate and Services
Galvan Real Estate and Services is a group of Professionals here to provide you the services you need in Real Estate. Our team is experienced in all aspects of Real Estate Marketing, Sales, Rentals, Legal and Property Management. We take pride in our commitment to each of our clients and welcome the opportunity to work directly with you.
Punta Mita hacienda rental Hacienda Alegre
A 10 bedroom country retreat on the beach in Banderas Bay. Ideal for gatherings up to 19 people.
Vacation rentals San Pancho San Pancho Rentals
Celebrating over 10 years of consistent service, San Pancho Rentals offers unmatched expertise in providing comprehensive vacation rental services for the town of San Pancho and the surrounding Riviera Nayarit area. We are the premier service of our kind, offering travelers a wide array of accommodations to suit all of their vacation needs while providing homeowners with quality, satisfied guests who are eager to return. is available to assist everyone. » Nayarit the oldest and most trusted online guide to Mexico