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 Mexican Pre-columbian History Directory

Provides information on the Aztecs, Maya, Mexica, Olmecs, Toltec, Zapotecs & other Pre-European cultures, as well as information on museums, archeology, language & education. See also the main History Directory.

Directory Archaeology & Sites

Archeology of Mexico, a photo essay.
Archeology of Teotihuacan
Mesoamerican Archeology
Museo Nacional de Antropologia (INAH) , the National Anthropology Museum of Mexico.

Directory Aztecs

Aztec Calendar
Aztecs, general information.
Aztec Student Teacher Resource Center
Seminario de Códices Mexicanos, the Mexican codexes.

Directory General

Foundation for the Advancement of MesoAmerican Studies
GB Online's Mesoamerica, ancient writings, maya ceramics & native culture.
Lords of the Earth, Aztec, Maya & Mixtec center.
Middle American Research Institute, at Tulane University.
Museo de las Culturas Prehispanicas, Museum of Prehispanic Cultures.
Quetzalcoatl, the man, the myth, the legend.
Summer Institute of Linguistics in Mexico, studying indigenous languages.

Directory Maya

Hach Winik, information on the Lacandon Maya communities.
Maya Weaving Project from the Science Museum of Minnesota.
Maya Archaeology, Foundation of Latin American Anthropological Research.
Maya Calendar
The Mayan Epigraphic Project
Rabbit in the Moon, information on the Maya.

Directory Other Indigenous Groups

Tlahuica Cultures of Morelos
The Mystery of Quetzalcoatl & the Toltecs
The Zapotecs, information on these Mesoamerican people.

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