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  Puerto Escondido City Guide

Surfing in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca
Surfing in Puerto Escondido
Puerto Escondido is a superb travel destination for those seeking a great Mexican vacation. Located on the Pacific Coast in the southern state of Oaxaca, this charming town has a lot to offer the visitor. Situated 200 miles south of Acapulco, Puerto Escondido offers a definitely more relaxed atmosphere than Mexico's original mega-resort. One of the number one highlights at Puerto, as the locals like to affectionately call it, is its gorgeous beaches. Many consider these beaches some of the best Mexico has to offer.

A wide variety of ocean-sports are enjoyed in Puerto Escondido, from surfing to snorkeling to boogie-boarding. Additionally, one of the best surfing breaks in the world is located here at a beach called Playa Zicatela. The surfing community calls this spot the 'Mexican Pipeline' and with good reason. The waves at Zicatela are huge, powerful and for only the most experienced of surfers. During the height of the season, the waves can reach over 25 feet. An international surf competition is held here each November featuring professional surfers that are seeking the ultimate ride of their life.

Puerto Escondido beach scene
Another beautiful day on the beach!
In addition to surfing, there are many activities to choose from while visiting Puerto Escondido, from horse-back riding to visiting a health spa to going on an eco-tour. Many visit Puerto Escondido specifically for its excellent sports-fishing opportunities. The waters off its coast team with all manners of fish and sea life. Some of the species you'll encounter here include marlin, sail-fish, mahi mahi, yellow fin tuna as well as octopus, manta rays and turtles.

Puerto Escondido was officially established in the 1920's as a port for coffee exportation and the name of the town literally means 'hidden port'. Until recently, Puerto Escondido was quite isolated due to the area's remoteness and thick vegetation. It was only in the 1960's that a coastal highway was built, allowing greater access to the area.

A real treat when visiting Puerto Escondido is to make sure you sample the locally grown coffee which is absolutely delicious. The coffee beans are organically grown in the cloud forests of Oaxaca and you'll definitely want to enjoy a cup or two of this rich mahogany brew.

Many travelers visiting Puerto Escondido come specifically to enjoy its many fine beaches. The coastline here is incredibly gorgeous with many believing they have found paradise. However, the inland environs are also worth exploring. Eco-tours are very popular in this region of Mexico and going on one of these adventures could prove to be a highlight of your trip. This area of Oaxaca is a naturalist's paradise with the abundant vegetation providing a sanctuary for many species of birds and reptiles. Lush foilage and exquisite tropical flowers can be seen everywhere. A wildlife preserve by the name of Laguna de Manialtepec resides just 9 miles from the center of town. The mangrove forests situated here are home to exotic birds housed in a verdant setting.

Should you happen to be in the area during the period of the month when the moon is either new or waning, an exciting experience awaits you. Night eco-tours are held during these moon phases due to an incredible naturally occurring phenomenon. Plankton in the lagoon interact with the water's currents during these times, creating a beautiful phosphorescent glow. The visual display is quite stunning.

Another reason people are drawn to Puerto Escondido is to visit one of its soothing health spas. Services available range from terrific massages to scented steam baths to alternative healing therapies. Many of these therapies draw their techniques from the area's rich indigenous cultures. Puerto Escondido is truly a tropical paradise.

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