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Puerto Escondido Real Estate

Real estate development in Puerto Escondido Vivo Resorts
Are you thinking about buying your dream home on the beach? You may be like many others who are conducting their research and exploring their options. Buying property in Mexico is simpler than you may think. And the time do it is now! Conservative estimates predict a 400% increase in U.S. and Canadian ownership of Mexican property within a decade. This spike in demand will undoubtedly drive property values much higher.

Blue Horizon Real Estate
We are your realtors, providing professional services for your convenience.
Puerto Escondido * Mex Tel: (954) 582-0362

Zicatela Properties
20+ years of experience, we are able to assist you in all your real estate needs.
Puerto Escondido * Mex Tel: (954) 582-1673

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