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Invitation To Writers And Photographers welcomes writers and photographers who live in or have traveled to Mexico, to make their stories and content available to the many thousands of monthly visitors of this web site. This invitation is open to anyone who just wants to share their adventures and love for Mexico.

Written content will usually fall into one of two categories:

1. General information content - this is information about a specific topic that would be helpful to people looking for information about Mexico. Examples might include a certain food dish (to be included in our Mexican Kitchen section), type of plant or animal unique to Mexico, a dance, historical figure, a unique destination, helpful advice and tips ... just about any topic is fair game. The content page will be included into an appropriate Directory category so users will be able to find that information.

These summaries should be between 750 to 1000 words in length, including a few photos where possible, and once accepted the writer agrees to give an unlimited license to edit if necessary and reproduce the article on the web site without restriction. For first time submissions we will provide the writer with credit for the article with a link to their email address, and mention in our What's New page, plus a listing in our contributing writers page. Future contributions for specific topics can be compensated for - yes, you can get paid for your writing! Please contact our offices first to see what kind of information might be most useful, especially if we do not have that topic already. We will be happy to provide you with such a list.

We encourage businesses to send us information about their specific area of expertise, and we will be happy to provide appropriate credit for that content. To maintain the editorial standards of the site, and to give everyone a fair chance, we will limit the number of articles that can be submitted from each business.

2. Monthly Feature Stories - these are short stories that again can highlight just about any topic of interest. These stories are organized into our Feature Stories section and you can review the articles here to get an idea of what might be of interest. These are typically more in-depth stories that can be travel logs, a life experience in Mexico, or any other topic you may personally have an interest in especially if you are a writer and are promoting a book or similar project.

Feature Stories should be between 1000 to 1500 words in length, and usually have 2 to 3 photos included with them. The stories are contributed to the site by both amateurs and professionals, and in exchange will highlight the writer with a bio and link to your home page and email contact. Your story will also be announced in our monthly e-mail newsletter, providing you with additional promotion to our 25,000 subscribers.

Photographic "Images From Mexico"
Do you have a great Mexico picture you want to share with Send your digital image (no greater than 100K in size) and a brief description to for consideration into our Images from Mexico feature. You agree to provide us with an unconditional one-year license to use your picture on the web site, with the option to include your name and email address. We're looking for interesting pictures that highlight Mexico's unique travel opportunities, it's people, places and culture that others would appreciate.

Contributed material is intended to provide the writer and photographer to interact with the largest and most popular Mexico resource on the web. With over 4 million monthly page views and over 20,000 unique visitors per day, you will get noticed! And for the reader, it's a chance for them to learn about the country and culture from individuals who are truly excited about their experience in Mexico.

If you would like additional information about contributing to the site, please contact us at We look forward to working with you!

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