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 VALLADOLID City Guide and Directory

Valladolid is built on the old Mayan town of Zaci in the state of Yucatan, which is to the south of the Gulf of Mexico, and is roughly midway between Merida and Cancun on Highway 180.

The Spanish built over it in the 16th century, and in 1847 the Maya attacked the city during the War of the Castes and took it after a siege of two months. The Church of San Bernadino and the Convent of Sisal were built in 1552 and are the oldest Christian buildings in Yucatan, and were built as both church and fortress. The lack of decoration is due to the uprisings here.

The Museo San Roque was once a church but is now a museum of the Mayan people and this city. Yucatan has three main cenotes which are underground sinkholes which are used as reservoirs. Cenote Zaci is an open cenote in a park, Cenote Dzitnup has artificial lighting and stalactites hanging down from the ceiling and Cenote Samula is a cavern pool with tree roots pushing through the roof into the pool. For a small fee one may swim in the cenotes.

North of Valladolid is Ek'Balam, an archaelogical site which includes a massive Mayan pyramid, a ball court and winged statues. From the top of the Ek'Balam pyramid, the distant pyramids at Coba and Chichen Itza may be seen.

Top Sights of Valladolid

The Church of San Bernadino.
Cenotes: Zaci, Dzitnup, Samula.

These businesses offer services in the Valladolid area:

Viajes Valladolid, tours & travel agency in Valladolid.

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