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  Manzanillo Activities & Tours

Manzanillo is renowned for its excellent sailfish catch. The peak season is November through March, and sailfish, giant tuna, snapper, dorado, sea bass and yellowtail become prize catches. An international tournament is held each November. Charters are easily arranged upon arrival and normally depart from the marina at Las Hadas.

Statue of a Sailfish honoring Manzanillo's Fisherman

Miles of coastline spread out across the resort's two main bays; Santiago and Manzanillo. The resort is blessed with wide, uncrowded beaches, some of Mexico's best. Water skiing, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling are among the favorites available!

Golf & Tennis
Manzanillo has three lush golf courses: La Mantarraya, a championship 18 hole course designed by Pete & Roy Dye is located on the Las Hadas Resort. Club Santiago offers 9 challenging holes on fairways lined with lush coconut palms. Nearby Isla Natividad has 27 holes and the beauty of a calm, mirror-like bay.

One of the local tennis clubs

If tennis is your passion, imagine playing day or night on beautifully maintained courts amid the tropical splendor of lush coconut palms. Manzanillo's resorts have excellent facilities.

Land Activities
Several hotels have fitness centers with state-of-the-art equipment. If your routine calls for jogging, our wide, pristine beaches offer a perfect invitation. Horseback riding and tours of the general area are also available.


Sightseeing Pleasures
You will find a travel agency or travel desk at every hotel with information on a variety of sightseeing attractions. They will assist in arranging excursions with bilingual guides, or provide directions if you choose a jeep or car rental.

The following are just several of the side trips:

  • Barra de Navidad, a little fishermen town, very tropical. Located 35 minutes north of Manzanillo.
  • Colima, the state capital. A colonial city well known as "The City of Palm Trees".
  • Cuyutlan, home of the famous giant green wave and ecological lagoon.
  • Comala, an artisans' haven, famous for furniture, painting and wrought iron.
  • Hacienda de San Antonio, a beautiful Mexican hacienda located at the foothill of the fire & snow Colima volcanoes.
  • La Campana, an archeological site, recently discovered, 10 minutes from Colima City.
  • Tampumachay, a beautiful cavern theme park, 25 minutes from Manzanillo.

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