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 Costalegre Guide and Directory

Costalegre (the shortened version of Costa Alegre) is a region of exquisite shoreline that is located on the Pacific coast of southern Mexico in the state of Jalisco. This area of Mexico's coastline is located between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo. Costalegre encompasses 145 miles of pristine beaches, secluded coves and crystal clear waters.

The name Costalegre means "Happy Coast" and the area is aptly named. The incredible beauty encountered here lures visitors who are seeking serenity and a relaxed state of mind. Lush verdant jungle, exotic birds and warm tropical air enchant the senses and call to mind paradise. Many different towns and villages are located in the region of Costalegre, each offering their own attributes. Some areas are exclusive and cater to celebrities and the very rich.

One such resort is Las Hadas, located in Manzanillo. This fairy-tale oasis featuring Moorish architecture is where the movie "10" with Bo Derek was filmed. However, modest accommodations can still be found for those on a budget. The town of Melaque for instance, located in the southern tip of the region is more barren with few attractions but does offer inexpensive hotels for the budget-minded traveler. The town of Barra de Navidad is a casual beach town with a range of accommodations from the low-end to the exclusive.

Activities to enjoy in Costalegre include sunbathing on private beaches, romantic walks at sunset and dining on delicious local cuisine. Highway 200 travels through the area of Costalegre and renting a car is an option, however, it is recommended to travel during daylight as the road twists and turns through thick jungle landscape. To reach the beach it is necessary to travel miles down winding dirt roads, some marked and some not.

Costalegre is also known as Costa Careyes (Turtle Coast) so named for the turtles that have been laying their eggs on these shores since time immemorial. Another lovely spot to visit is Tenacatita Bay, located about 30 miles north of the Manzanillo airport. Dolphins can be spotted here as well as luxury yachts. The El Tamarindo resort is found here, a stunningly beautiful choice for the discerning. Located in a rich jungle setting, El Tamarindo offers a championship 18-hole golf course.

Once you've visited Costa Alegre, you'll be sure to dream of paying a return visit to this truly magical destination.

Development in Melaque Calechosa Bay
Oceanfront serviced lots in hidden cove near Melaque, Jalisco. Left and right point breaks year round. Can build to suit.

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