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 Barra de Navidad City Guide and Directory

Barra de Navidad is a small town situated on Mexico's Pacific coast in the state of Jalisco It is about 4 hours south of Puerto Vallarta, and less than half an hour north of Manzanillo. The name "Barra de Navidad" comes from the fact that is located on a sandbar or "barra de arena". The sandbar extends between Bahia de Navidad and the Laguna de Navidad. Famous for large waves perfect for surfers, the beach is Barra de Navidad's main attraction.

Located in a region of Mexico called Costa Alegre (shortened to Costalegre which means Happy Coast in Spanish), Barra de Navidad, commonly referred to as simply Barra, is a casual beach town that offers the visitor water-related activities such as surfing, kayaking, diving and fishing. Golfing is also an option at the exclusive Isla Navidad Resort that is located across the lagoon from Barra.

The true charm of the town is found in its relaxed mood and lack of pretension. Because Barra is located on a sandbar, the bay side offers calm conditions for swimming and kayaking. Fishing opportunities abound as the ocean teams with swordfish, snapper, marlin and albacore. There are several international fishing tournaments held here throughout the year - including the three day 'Torneo Internacional de Pesca' held in January. Surfing has become increasingly popular in Barra. Surfers enjoy the nice breaks that on occasion offer huge swells and uncrowded conditions.

Barra de Navidad was founded in the 16th century when the Spanish built galleons here that were destined for the Philippines. However, soon after, these operations were relocated to Acapulco. On June 27, 1542, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sailed from this very same port on his voyage of exploration of the present day coast of California. It was on this voyage that he discovered on September 28, 1542, what is now known as San Diego Bay.

Today, the town offers the visitor multiple choices for accommodations. These hotels range in price from economical to mid-range with one pricey notable exception, the Isla Navidad Resort. Restaurants with good prices are abundant in Barra with selections ranging from traditional Mexican to delicious seafood.

The businesses below offer services in Barra de Navidad:

Barra de Navidad hotel Casa Chips Hotel
A small family owned hotel located on the Pacific Coast near Manzanillo, Mexico. We are centrally located in the town of Barra de Navidad known for its slow pace and stunning sunsets. We have ten unique rooms with spectacular views of the ocean and downtown Barra. Besides hosting one of the finest ocean view restaurants. We also have a new sky deck overlooking the ocean and downtown Barra. This is available to all our guests who enjoy sunbathing and meeting people.

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