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Ananda Jot Kundalini Yoga Center
Kundalini Yoga classes for all ages & levels
Children's classes; Classes for pregnant women
Special weekly family blessings
Classes in English by Appointment
Calle Matamoros #200, Col. Centro, Oaxaca, Mexico (951) 128-2136

Zapotec healers with 34 yrs. experience
Heal illnesses of all types naturally
Use of herbs, sweats, cleansings, massages, & ceremony
Both in Oaxaca city & San Jose del Pacifico
Rio de la Plata #210, Col. Cascada, Oaxaca, Mexico (951) 515-8612

Dra. Martha L. Canseco Bennetts - Dentist
Cleanings & Extractions
Porcelain Crowns & Plates English Spoken
Tinoco y Palacios No. 307-2 - Tel: (951) 4-34-99


Tu Casa Bonita
Low cost housing, nice character inside and out, with a pre style finish for the minimal cost. A starting 2 bedroom house for sale (not including furniture, cooker, fridge) ready to live in. Expansion of dimensions to 12m roof (front, back) span, Plus unlimited width dimension.L shape or even a Spanish court can be provided from this style of construction. Work experience in USA and Europe, any work standard can be provided to meet style and pocket. A 4-6 month construction time.
Calle Arteaga #314, Segunda Secci�n del Ejido Guadalupe Victoria, Oaxaca, Oaxaca
* Tel. +52 951 180 3242


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