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 Mexico Publications Directory

Publications from Mexico, or worldwide, dealing with Mexico, including newspapers, newsletters, books, maps, magazines & videos. Also, see our Shopping Directory.

Book Store OnLine, from MEXonline.
Baja Traveler, Baja California's travel & lifestyle magazine.
Gringo Gazette, southern Baja's English language newspaper.
How To Buy Real Estate in Mexico, from Dennis Peyton.
The People's Guide Travel Letter, newsletter for the independent traveler.
Sunracer Publications, books on Mexico's Copper Canyon & national parks.

Books & Guides

Lonely Planet-Destination Mexico, private travel information on Mexico.
Moon Travel Handbooks private travel information on Mexico.
Rough Guide travel guide on Mexico.


Historical Text Archives, articles, books, documents & historical photos.


Arqueologío Mexicana, a magazine promoting Mexico's pre-Hispanic past.
BorderLines, monthly publication on the U.S./Mexico border.
Mexico Desconocido, an environmental magazine of Mexico.
National Geographic, the Mexico issue, plus information on the country.
Proceso, an independent political magazine.
Tameme, a bilingual literary magazine serving North America.


Diario de Yucatan, from the Yucatan Penninsula (Spanish).
El Debate, from Sinaloa (Spanish).
El Economista, from Sinaloa (Spanish).
El Financiero, news from Mexico City (Spanish).
El Heraldo, news from Mexico City (Spanish).
El Imparcial, from Sonora (Spanish).
El Imparcial de Oaxaca, from Oaxaca (Spanish).
El Informador, from Guadalajara (Spanish).
El Siglo de Torreon, from Coahuila (Spanish).
El Sol de Mexico, from Mexico City (Spanish).
El Universal, from Mexico City (Span/Eng).
Frontera, from Tijuana (Spanish).
La Cronica de Hoy, from Mexico City (Spanish).
La Jornada, from Mexico's largest university, UNAM (Spanish).
La Opinion, from Coahuila (Spanish).
La Opinion, from Veracruz (Spanish).
La Union de Morelos from Morelos (Spanish).
Milenio newspapers in Mexico (Spanish).
Mural, from Jalisco (Spanish).
Por Esto, from Merida (Spanish).
Reforma, newspaper from Mexico City (Spanish).
Reuters de Mexico, newswire from Mexico City (Spanish).
Tribuna, from Sonora (Spanish).
Tiempos del Mundo, from Mexico City (Spanish).
Washington Post, from Washington, D.C. (English).
Zeta, from Tijuana.

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